2016 Reading List

A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens – you gotta read this one every few years since it is written so well and is a great story of sacrifice. The Churchill Factor, by Boris Johnson – fascinating insight into the life of Winston Churchill which made me appreciate his genius and question his motives […]

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2015 Reading List

Killing Lincoln, by Bill O’Reilly – fascinating, makes me wonder about the Secretary of War, Stattons, involvement in a possible conspiracy. Killing Patton, by Bill O’Reilly – also fascinating and seems like a no brainer that there was a hit put out on Patton by the CIA/OSS. Great war generals or leaders are effective at […]

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jon runs panorama window cleaning, bitethemango.us graphic design, and voice.bitethemango.us (a public speaking and training service).

jon is married with children and was a pastor for 15 years, having served in the roles of worship, youth, assistant, and senior pastor. originally from minnesota, jon and his family have lived and served in minnesota, south dakota, montana, and utah. his service has landed him in assemblies of God churches and an elca lutheran, episcopal, and an anglican church.

jon left his ‘church job’ to start over in the market place and be with people more; he likes people. he started a toastmasters club because he likes people .  jon also enjoys communicating or performing and is a past member of the park city storytellers guild.

it is jon’s fault (whatever ‘it’ is): he is too honest, too unsympathetic to church culture, too interested in following Jesus, and too drawn away from the status quo. so go ahead and blame him, it’s his fault. =-)