2012 Reading List

  1. Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens – the plight of a poor young girl, Amy Dorrit, who despite her ugly circumstance has a Christ-like character shine through. 855 pages.
  2. Variant by Robison Wells – juvenile fiction, an orphan teenager attends a new kind of school only to discover he is not the one who is learning. Intriguing.
  3. Becoming George Washington by Glen Beck – a wonderful historical fiction that highlights the incredible character and godliness of Washington.
  4. Fish by Gregory Mone – the exciting adventure of a resourceful boy who discovers his hidden gift as a fortune-hunting pirate. Fun, kids fiction.
  5. Barnaby Grimes: Curse of the Nightwolf by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell – if you liked the Edge Chronicles, you’ll like this book from the same author and illustrator. A little edgy on the dark side of werewolf killings, but light hearted in the sense of adventure.
  6. A Glimpse of Jesus by Brennan Manning – a wonderful message of God’s love and grace. Brennan is a favorite author of mine with his solid understanding of the good news. Highly recommended!
  7. The Me I Want to Be by John Ortberg – John is an entertaining writer and leads one on a delightful path of grace, Spirit, and understanding.
  8. Divergent by Veronica Roth – another well written juvenile dystopian scifi. The story subtly suggests that our best efforts at morality fail and love must come from the heart and courage from selflessness. The story follows the choices of a 16 year old teenage girl after some earlier war had turned her city into a ghetto with cooperating factions that each holds to a different moral value to address the corruption of human nature. The trouble arises when the morality loses its meaning and greed, pride, and violence leads the city into another war.
  9. American Sniper by Chris Kyle – I feel torn after reading this between aversion, interest, surprise, and patriotism. Aversion over the ugliness of war and not only the cost of so many lives, but how war hurts so many people and leaves them seriously scarred for life. I know terrible things were and would continue to happen in Iraq whether we went there or not, but this story makes you wonder whether or not it was worth the cost. The story is fascinating in the sense of discovering what our soldiers faced to prepare and undergo war. I was surprised at the disparity between his faith in Christ and his callousness towards killing, hatred, pornography, strip clubs, violence, etc. I did appreciate his transparency about his life; he opened himself up for inspection – something very few of us are willing to do. There is a sense of national pride knowing we have soldiers who can face the evil force of terrorism (the ugliness of cowardice in the form of drugged up fanatics trying to hold fear over innocent people) and kick their butts in a very serious way.  I guess that is the power of sword entrusted to a moral country to weld over evil doers (not that we are always innocent as a nation).
  10. Birthmarked by Caragh M. O’Brien – dystopian juvenile fiction about a young teenage girl / midwife and her struggle to discover the big picture regarding babys’ forwarded to the Enclave, or city inside the wall, and what it means for her parents and herself. Unconventional plot, abrupt ending.
  11. The Sun of Neptune by Rick Riordan – another book in the Percy Jackson series which are about young heroes who are the children of the Greek and Roman mythological gods who face all kinds of mythical enemies. 
  12. WordShaker by Richard Harland – alternate history tale about a teenage boy who grows up on a gigantic juggernaut that travels across land and sea and where there is a very pronounced class society that is about to get rocked. A story about how someone can be raised to be ignorant of injustice and his new awareness brings about justice.
  13. Calico Joe  by John Grisham – a fictional baseball story that is ultimately about forgiveness.
  14. Clarence Thomas: my grandfather’s son – great insight into the history of this often wrongly criticized supreme court judge. Fascinating.
  15. Escape for Camp 14 – A MUST READ. This book captures the life story of a young man who was born in a North Korean Prison / Work Camp and how he is the first to ever escape from this particular camp and make it to exile. A tragic, enlightening story that exposed the horrors of North Korea and the wonderful work that many are involved in to rescue North Koreans from brainwashing, torture, enslavement, poverty, starvation, and much more.
  16. Mortal Engines: The Hungry Cities Series – futuristic dystopia about cities being mobile structures that can eat smaller cities and a young boys enlightenment on how ugly municipal darwinism really is and his befriending an outsider girl who helps him understand.
  17. Utah Blain by Louis L’More – just a good old western story about manin’ up.
  18. Treasure Mountain by Louis L’More
  19. The Kill Order by James Dashner – pre-quel to the Maze Runner. Dystopian, gruesome in parts, a Shakespearian tragedy.
  20. The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller – a very good expository and fresh look at the parable of the two lost sons. Read this one!
  21. Last of the Breed by Louis L’amour – one of his best ‘big’ books about an US airforce pilot taken captive in Siberia and his daring escape.
  22. The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom – another great story by Mitch worth reading. Reads fast and has an interesting plot, somewhat mythical and sci-fi with drama.
  23. Last Empire by Clive Cussler – a novel about a wealthy American couple that are adventure archeologists.
  24. Insurgent by Veronica Roth – sequel to Divergent this story is a futuristic dystopian that centers around a teenage girl who is immune to chemically induced mind control used amidst waring societal factions.
  25. Blessed Child by Ted Dekker and Bill Bright – a very good fictional story about the belief of a young child.
  26. A Man Called Blessed by Ted Dekker and Bill Bright – the sequel to Blessed Child which is also very good. A wonderful story about loving and being loved by God and is full of action and suspense.
  27. Heaven Is Now by Andrew Farley – a bit repetitive, but has a good message about grace and experiencing God every day.

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