2013 Movie List

  1. The Hobbit – being a Tolkien and Lord of the Rings fan how can I not love this movie? I very much enjoyed the back story to how the dwarves came to want to retake their mountain kingdom. A must see.
  2. Les Mis – the strangest ‘movie’ I’ve seen, since it was an opera more than a movie. But I love the story, one of the best out there. The acting and music was great!
  3. Bleak House, by Masterpiece Theater – Bleak House is a under appreciated work of Charles Dickens and this 8 episode production is very good – very good acting, character development, cinematography, and story development. It has a few minor changes from the book to help this series move along slightly quicker than the book.
  4. Our Mutual Friend, by the BBC – another Charles Dicken’s book put to film. The first episode is hard to understand audibly, but the following episodes are much better and the story improves. Not having read this book I can’t comment on how well it follows the book, but it has all the classic elements of a Dicken’s novel – orphans, wealthy, schemers, creepers, twists, romance, etc. My family came to really enjoy this once we got into a couple episodes. It is not produced nearly as well as what the Masterpiece Theater has done, but is still a good story put to film. This movie came as part of a Dicken’s six pack that I bought at Costco for $22.
  5. Here Comes the Boom – a melding of Rocky and Mr. Holland’s Opus. Funny, but predictable.
  6. Wreck It Ralph – fun, predictable, and well made animation (bad guy is really the good guy).
  7. The Impossible – wow! a powerful retelling of a nightmarish true story about the Tsunami; heartwarming.
  8. Hello Dolly! classic, but predictable Barbara Strieshand.The support cast is hillarious.
  9. Parental Guidance – very funny story about family conflict and parenting differences and family friendly.
  10. Chasing Mavericks – interesting true surfing story, but a little foo fooish.
  11. Mirror Mirror – strong elements, but mostly a dud remake of Snow White.
  12. Man of the Year – a great satire regarding modern politics with a serious side to the story. Rough language and innuendo.
  13. Oz, the great and powerful – a delightful prequel to The Wizard of Oz.
  14. Oblivion – a scifi with a little crude language involving a future earth where the planet is mostly extinct with people working in pairs to maintain drones to protect the evacuation effort to a space station and a moon of Jupiter. A great twist in the story.

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